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With permission, our clients wish to display their stories below.  If you have any information regarding a particular client, please contact us asap!

Raye Richardson is searching for her possible Amerasian sister. Name on the back of the photo says Hoi Thi Nguyen.

Raye's father, Thomas Richardson, was stationed in Vietnam between 1970-73.


Veteran Kellie King's daughter Karin is searching for her 2 Amerasian siblings. Possible names are sister Bing and brother Kelly Jr.

Kellie Sr was stationed in Vietnam between 1968-71 and served in the 440th Transportation Dept in the Vinh Long area.


Chester "Chet" Bockstedt
Chet is searching for his son who was born in May 1969 in Vietnam.

During his tour from Aug '67 to Aug' 68, he began dating a woman named Lam Thi Van, a waitress whom he met at the Airman's Club in the Tan Son Nhut Air Base near Saigon.

He left Vietnam to go back home, never knowing she was pregnant. Recently, a family member told him that back in '69,  they received a phone call from Van stating she gave birth to his son. He immediate began his search and reached out to for help.  Please help us find Chet's son!


Don Nguyen
Born as Thomas Lester in 1969 in Thang Nhi (Vung Tau) Beach, Vietnam.

Don found his father had passed away in 1975, but is now looking for his full sister. They were both given up for adoption after his father left to go back to America and he lost contact with his sister at a very young age.

His sister's name is Susan Lester, born about 1970-71 in the same town in Vietnam. She was adopted by a Vietnamese lady and her American husband.


Anthony Cochran
Anthony served in Vietnam in 1970 and had a relationship with Dao Thi Truong. He knows he has a daughter with her.

Through DNA, he matched with a Lily Nguyen, who led us to her mother, Besau Nguyen, Anthony's daughter! Currently trying to reach her for reconnection.

Bill Green
Born 1967 in Subic Bay, Philippines.

Bill is desperately trying to obtain his US Citizenship and is in the US temporarily until the end of Oct 2019.

Bill matched with his Half Brother on Ancestry DNA and reached out to him and his father.  Unfortunately, they did not believe the match was truth and he was rejected.



Hung Nguyen
Seeking mother Tran Thi Bay, nickname bé năm and father, possibly last name Brown.

US Army VietNam - Headquarters , IST Infantry Division IST Supply & Transportation Battalion - S.18-2135

This is all the soldiers that she worked for:

  • Mr. Prekemer
  • Mr. Warm
  • Mr. Robert Kelly
  • Mr. Moore
  • Mr. Loss
  • Mr. Milk
  • Mr. Bell
  • Mr. William


William Wilson
Seeking wife and daughter in Saigon, Vietnam.

Combat Photographer 84B40 was in the Army Sept 4, 1968 to Sept 27, 1974. The picture is from April 24, 1972.

The last time he talked with them was March, 1975. He sent money so they could come to the US, and never heard from them again.


Theresa Perry's Uncle, George Irving Perry

After finding these photos when her Uncle passed away, Theresa is on a mission to find the woman and child in these photos. She and other relatives have DNA tested.

The Vietnamese woman's name is Bieh. More info forthcoming.


Moc Nguyen
Born 1972 in Hue, Vietnam.

Mother was Bong Thi Nguyen.

Father is known and alive. Contact was made and initially the father rejected his daughter. But happy to say that he had a change of heart after some time and is now communicating with his long lost daughter!


Huong Nguyen
Born 1970 in Vietnam.

Father has been found alive and accepted his only known daughter.

WarBabies had the distinct honor of telling this father congratulations on Veterans Day.


Hung Ho
Born 1969 in Da Hang, Vietnam.

Father has been found alive and accepted! Hung has half brothers too. A happy reunion!


Mai Anh Roy
Born 1970-71 in Vietnam, was at St. Paul's Orphanage in Qui Nhon.

Known father, Lynwood Munson Sr, passed away in 1973.

Seeking mother in above photo.

Contact Mai at 702-689-3893 or




Chuck Manning is looking for this woman, her family or children. The picture was taken in 1971 in Vinh Long, on Can Tho Road. Her name is Hue, and she was 18 in this picture. She would have given birth to Chuck sometime around late December 1971.


Raymond Holt
Seeking son born in 1972-72 near Con Thien or Bo Duc, Vietnam, close to Quan Duc or Thi Shi near Laos.

Raymond was married to a Vietnamese woman and they had a son. They were in a bombing attack and Raymond was severely injured. His wife died in his arms.  He was sent back to the states and never knew what happened to his son.

Raymond served in the Army from 1971-1973 as a Medic with the 173rd Airborn and the 82nd Airborn.


Hoa Tran
Born 1971 in Ben Tre, South Vietnam.

Father is known and deceased. We found 2 half sisters, but unfortunately they are reluctant to believe they are related, even with a DNA match to their cousin. Refused additional DNA testing.


Lisa Luong

Born 1969 in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Suspected mother found and lives in Vietnam. She matches as a 1st cousin to our other client, Hong Vo and her DNA match Nga Nguyen.

Father discovered to have been passed away. Still looking for 2 potential half sisters.


Timothy Miley
Born 1972 in Angeles, Philippines.

Mother is Teresa Concepcion.

Father is Norman Odell Miley, served in the Air Force. Last known address is in Waldorf, MD.

Father is aware of son and was previously supporting, but suddenly stopped contact.


Jack Vincent Reina (born May 28, 1946) has a half sister who is looking for him or any of his family from the Philippines. His last known address from when he was 19 years old was in Pasay City.

Angela Reina-Rusher's father, Vincent "Jimmy" Reina served in the Philippines from 1945-1947 during WWII. He met Jack's mother, Mona Carmen Angeles.

Please contact us if you knew or are related to Jack, his American family would love to reconnect!


Samuel Wayne Johnson served in the Army from 1971-72 in Phu Loi, Vietnam. He was stationed with the 520th Transportation Battalion - 165th Transportation Company.

He is seeking Lee "Nga" who worked as a bartender at the 165th Transportation Company Club in Phu Loi. She was married to another American Soldier. She became pregnant possibly from Johnson and the child would have been born in late summer of 1972.


Hong Vo (born Trang Thi Le)

Born 1970-71 in Nah Trang, Vietnam.

Mother and half sisters have been found and reunited!

Father has been found, along with several half siblings. Reunification is progressing positively!

Also discovered DNA match, Brother from Mother, Nga Nguyen. Currently researching.


Chi Lam and Dave Buckius
These two siblings share the same mother but different fathers.

WarBabies assisted both siblings in finding their fathers, Terry and Michael Johnson (no relation).

Over Father's Day weekend 2020, all came together for a wonderful reunion!!


William Sterwart found daughter (Thuy Ly)
Born between Oct-Nov 1969 near Phu Loi, Vietnam.

Father has matched with his daughter through Ancestry DNA. He has found her in California!

Mother is Bui Hoa Hong. She worked at the 205 Assault Support Helicopter Company and lived at Mytho. Mother had a cousin named Thu. Her father was a Vietnamese soldier and killed at Chu Chi.



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