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If you are curious if you have a son or daughter in the world from when you served in the military, please reach out to us. You are NOT alone! We can help!

We support

We have first hand experience of how traumatic and upsetting it can be to find out a family connection exists. We believe that the shame and embarrassment of these situations can be turned into a positive and loving experience.

We care

Whether you are an American Veteran who is curious if he fathered a child, or knows you have a child out there in the world, or if you are an adult Amerasian child of an American soldier from past wars and conflicts, we respect you and your decisions to find each other.


Never forget

You are not alone. Thousands of military servicemen were in relationships with women native to their country. Whether it was a brief encounter, or a loving and caring relationship, if it produced a child, never forget that child exists and is a human being and deserves to know the other half of their DNA.

Reuniting Families with DNA

If your American Military Veteran family member has passed away, your DNA could hold the key to reuniting your family. With the advancement of DNA and testing companies making it affordable and easily accessible, we have the tools and knowledge to help Amerasian’s and their American family find each other.

Michelle, Peter, Kevin
Together for the first time!

What We Do

Warbabies.org is compiling a database of both American Veterans and Amerasian Children. This database is secure and not to be released to the public or any individual outside of it’s organization. We hold anonymity to a higher standard due to the nature of each individuals experience.

We take every precaution of maintaining an individuals rights and respect their privacy as much as possible.

We utilize several DNA testing companies and comply fully with their terms of service. Upon DNA sample submission, we analyze the results and who they connect with. Further guidance on the process is forthcoming.

If a close match is made, we suggest steps to try to contact the individuals and conclude how they are related and work towards finding out who the father is or who the child is based on the amount of DNA centimorgans between each individual.  Additional testing with closer relatives may be necessary.

Sometimes luck is on our side and we find that the matches are close, half siblings, parents, grandparents, etc.

Then the real work begins… The reconnecting phase. We recommend a liaison between the families until they are both comfortable with the next phase, the healing phase.

We strongly believe that it is not a shameful or embarrassing situation and that a loving and caring relationship can develop over time.

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If you are interested in finding out more information on how we can help, please fill out our online form to tell us your story. Don’t delay!

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