Siblings Hands: Michelle and her 2 brothers. 

Our Story

In the fall of 2017, Michelle received a message from a new match on her Ancestry DNA account inquiring if she was closely related to anyone who served in the Vietnam war. Knowing the only 2 choices were her father or uncle, she click on his profile and saw he had also matched with her brother that she grew up with.

While elated to have a new sibling she never knew about, sadness ensued when realizing he missed knowing their father by just 10 months of passing away. Michelle was determined to make up for a lifetime of missed memories. She eventually moved closer to her new brother to form a loving bond with him and his family. Together, they are helping others connect with their own biological families.

Michelle’s father was just one of thousands of Vietnam Veterans who fathered a child while serving overseas.¬† The repercussions of the discovery lead Michelle to do more research on other families in similar situations.

Being a 20+ year veteran Genealogist and Researcher, Michelle’s previous experience with reuniting families were from adoption scenarios. She has successfully reunited a dozen or more adoptees and long-lost relatives in the last 20+ years.

It wasn’t until meeting her new brother that she realized the magnitude of children still left seeking their American fathers. From this encounter and experience, Michelle has committed to dedicating her time and talents to help other families reconnect.

Meet the Team


Michelle Reed

Founder & Owner

Starting with her own family tree, Michelle has 20+ years of research and reconnecting families on her resume.

In her professional life, Michelle is a Graphic Designer, Website Developer, and Digital Marketing Specialist.

She has a blended family with an adult son and 3 siblings with one being Amerasian (all sharing the same father, but with different mothers).

We need your help…

If you would like to join our team, please send us your resume and a bio, with a short essay on how you can help in our mission. We are currently seeking volunteer Grant Writers, Researchers, Communications, Counselors, and Translators that can speak multiple Asian languages.

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