The Faces of Amerasians

By: a group of Diemmy Mylai poetry in 2014

We are daughters and sons of the Vietnam Veterans

Dear half Siblings, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins

I am your sister
I am your brother
I am your niece
And I am your nephew

Your father is my father
To make us siblings
Your brother is my father
To make us cousins
Your Uncle is my father
To make us 2nd cousins

During he served in Vietnam
He meet my mother
And they had me...
It make me into your blood lines...
Why you denied me?
What did I do wrong?
And why you hate me?
I am just victim...

I came to America for ten thousand miles
To search for you and my father
And I found all of you in Ancestry DNA
But you all denied me?

I don't want any trouble
And I don't want any help from all of you
I just want to get to know my father
Because I had lost him so many years.
I just want to see my father...
Please don't close the door on us

I am just a victim
Was born in the war
You should be love me
And bring me home
NOT to HATE me...
And let me go
Why you divided us?
What did I do to make you hate me?
You father made us
Your brother made me
Your Uncle made me
Now we have to deal with....
Don't be selfish...

Please let me see your father
Because his is my father too !
Please let me see your brother
Because he is my father !
Please let me see your uncle
Because he is my father !

Please don't close the door on us
I want to see my father
To how my father's doing?
If you won't let me see him....
To make sure to tell him that I am here
In America to see him...
And if he died,
Please tell me how he died?
And where?
So I can go there to visit his grave

Let me have a moment with my father
Once the last Chance
If he is still alive
Please let me see my father
Then you can close the door ...
I don't question you anymore
Because I know who is really I am
And where I came from