Help identify the 55

North Korea Returns Presumed U.S. Remains.*The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is incredibly encouraged by the news that North Korea has returned 55 boxes of remains believed to be U.S. service members who have been missing in action since the Korean War,” said VFW National Commander B.J. Lawrence.

“This is a huge step in the right direction that we hope will finally bring peace to the peninsula and closure to American families who have been waiting more than six decades for their loved ones to return home from their war.” The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency lists 7,691 missing Americans from the Korean War, with some 5,300 believed to be in North Korea. DPAA also lists 111 Cold War losses in the vicinity of the Korean peninsula.

* POW/MIA DNA Samples Needed.

The Department of Defense wants family members of All Veteran that are MIA to give a DNA sample. The phone numbers are: Army 1 800 982 2490 * Marines 1 866 210 3421 * Navy 1 800 443 9298 * Air Force 1 800 531 5803 * Coast Guard 1 202 795 6637.

When you call have the following information: Your relation to the Veteran (family member). The war they were in. The time period. Where they were stationed. Service number. And approximate time they became missing.

Once this is received they will send out a test kit, with all instructions. Consisting of two cotton swabs for the inside of your mouth. Then send back.This is FREE. The time frame is about two weeks to get the results, if they have the veterans DNA on file. * It should be noted that once all family members become deceased , it is impossible to identify the remains.

* Praying for All Service members and their families!