Sharing your Ancestry DNA and Tree

If you have built a family tree and have a DNA kit with, we will need access to this information to help work your case. There are a couple different ways to do this.

  • Preferred method - Provide in an email your account login information. Don't worry, at any time you can change the password and we will no longer have access. If you choose this option, please send your Ancestry account email and password to only.
  • Invite us to the family tree you have built. In order to do this, you must go to your Family Tree settings, at the top you will see Sharing, select that link. In the upper right, you will see +Invite People, click that button and you can either select Username or Shareable Link. Enter either Rootseeker74 for Username, or click the Shareable link. You will need to email me the link to only. Make sure you have selected for the Role to be Editor. This is critical to be able to view all of your information.
  • For DNA kits, go to your DNA Results page and click on Settings. Scroll down to DNA Ethnicity and Matches Access. Click Add a Person and type in Rootseeker74. Important, where it says Viewer, click and select Manager. This is critical to be able to use all of the tools that Ancestry offers.

For any other DNA testing company, you will need to email us your login info, as they do not provide a way to share your results outside of your matches like Ancestry does.

Note: At any time you are able to remove access by any of these methods above. You can change your password or simply return to the Tree or DNA area and remove access to us. This is 100% completely your choice. Please understand that in order for us to assist you, we will need this access.